Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Carbon Monoxide

Hi friends, please see below email from my friend Sarah. This is not one of those forwarded emails chains going around...this is a true story, and very scary as it could have been anyone. After reading this please buy yourself a Christmas present EARLY, and get a carbon monoxide detector!

I had the biggest scare of my life this weekend. I want to share my story with all of you so you can forward it to all your friends & family!!

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching Avery (our dear friends 9 month old baby girl). Her parents went to Florida to a destination wedding in The Keys & Michael was going to College Station to play in a softball tournament.

Before he left for the tournament Friday afternoon I had Michael light our pilot because of the cold front that was on it's way. I put miss Avery to bed around 8:30 & I did a few more chores around the house that a 9 month old wont allow ;) & took a much deserved hot bath then off to bed.

I knew we were going to wake up to a cold front so I switched our unit from AC to heat and went to sleep. At 5:30am I woke up to a very loud alarm beeping & a recorded woman's voice saying warning carbon monoxide poisoning over and over. I woke up in a panic and for a split second I thought it might be the batteries causing it to go off, then I knew something was wrong as soon as I got out of the bed I was very nauseated & felt sick. I turned the heater off, got the baby & left our house.

I called the fire department & they came to my house with a detector & told me my house was indeed full of carbon monoxide poison & that I was very lucky to be alive. That the carbon monoxide detector we bought saved our lives!! I want to report that Miss Avery was my main concern during this scary ordeal & that she is doing fine, other than the loud alarm scaring her she was unharmed. I have never been so thankful to be woken up at 5:30 in the morning. What started out to be a very loud, annoying & scary alarm. Is now a sweet sounding memory in my mind because it saved a beautiful child & my life. Please if you don't have one go get one & if you have one make sure the batteries work. I hope my story will help save more lives.....

Sarah Haldeman