Friday, May 08, 2009

Mom's Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Mammie's birthday at my house last Tuesday.

The birthday boy & girl, Layton & Mammie share the same birthday

For Mom's birthday dinner I made home-made pizza. Bar-b-que chicken & Chicken alfredo pizzas. We had salad & garlic bread and Angie of course made dessesrt!

I made my own bar-b-que sauce and mom LOVED it. I really thought she might get out a straw and drink it. It was a little sweet & a lot hot. I bought the pre-made pizza dough in the can (by the biscuits section) covered it with some of the bar-b-que sauce and crumbled some cooked bacon on top.
Then covered it with sauteed red onions & lots of mozzarella cheese

then added the cooked chicken

For the chicken alfred I used the same kind of dough and covered it with store bought alfredo sauce. I used a roasted garlic alfredo and of course kicked it up a notch or 2 with dried basil, lots of cracked black pepper & crushed red pepper. Then added the cooked chicken and shredded mozzarella cheese.

I added the rest of the onions. Then baked per directions on dough package. I actually did bake the dough for about 5 mins BEFORE I added the toppings, because everything was pre-cooked, so it just needed to heat through & melt the cheese and I was afraid that the toppings might burn is they stayed in there the whole 15-17 mins.
Finished product. They were really, good.
I would highly recommend home made pizza night at your next family get together.

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