Wednesday, June 10, 2009

80th Annual Shrimp Festival

Shrimp Festival, Blessing on tap this weekend
One of city’s most-cherished traditions, the Biloxi Shrimp Festival and Blessing of the Fleet, takes place this weekend. The weekend-long celebration, which dates back to the Old Country, will feature the Sunday afternoon blessing of a brightly decorated shrimping fleet to ask for God’s blessing for a safe and bountiful season. Dozens of shrimp boats and other vessels are expected to participate in the procession. “This time-honored ceremony captures the true essence of our people,” Mayor A.J. Holloway has said of the event. “It combines the historical, religious, industrious and festive aspects that all make up Biloxi, and it pays tribute to what continues to be a strong and viable part of our economy, our seafood industry.”

Thankfully this festival was in walking distance of our hotel. We strolled through the booths, listened to music and guess what else? We ate SHRIMP baby!




The band was good. We wanted to stay longer, but the fabulous Beau Rivage pool was calling our name!