Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mary Mahoney's~Old French House

On June 21, 1984, the Presidential Platter was served by Mary on the White House Lawn for President Reagan and guests.*Featured in the John Grisham novel "The Runaway Jury."Featured in the John Grisham novel "The Partner."
Ryan & I had dinner here on our first night together in Bilioxi

The restaurant is full of history, great stories and tradition. It was hit hard during Katrina...but the history lived on and they re-opened.

Hopefully this picture can show you just HOW high the water was
We started our meal with the WORLD FAMOUS GOURMET SEAFOOD GUMBO, it's so good they even sell it by the gallon and will ship it to your house. After Denzel Washington filmed here, he now ships gumbo to his house often!Ryan was EXCITED about this Gumbo!
My cup afterwards. And I think I licked those last few pieces of rice out of the bowl before Anthony took it away from me.

Then the salad arrived, covered in shrimp. They make all their own dressings. I had spicy tomato vinaigrette. AND blue cheese on the side. SO delish, but I mean that blue cheese was so freaking good!
I ordered: HALF LOBSTER GEORGO™Our Chef’s masterful combination of diced lobster and shrimp mingled in a cream sauce which is then teased with a hint of brandy and then presented en coquille.
Ryan ordered: SHRIMP AND LUMP CRABMEAT (ST. PATRICK)The Garlic Lover’s Delight - A spin off of our escargot. We removed the snails, placed a touch of spinach, shell pasta, and jumbo shrimp; then bake it in a garlic butter sauce and top it off with sauteed lump crabmeat.

We were in a foodie girls seafood HEAVEN

Our sweet little Waiter brought us a complimentary dessert: MARY MAHONEY’S FAMOUS BREAD PUDDING WITH RUM SAUCE
This is was the remains of my dish...poor thing

If you are ever close to Biloxi, MS PLEASE promise me you will have a meal at Mary Mahoney's. I promise you will thank me!