Monday, July 27, 2009


Big Brother is one of my favorite reality shows on tv. Big Brother 11 is in full swing, which means Big Brother watching parties. Last Thursday we went to Angie & Adams.

I'm totally in love with the gang~sta teacher by day & dj by night Casey. He makes me laugh and I think people really underestimate the "lay low & be cool" player.

We had some good snacks: chili cheese triangles!

marinated black olives
chips, hot sauce, queso & taquitosMaster_A relaxing!

Of course Angie had to watch while she baked (very typical at her house)

Kfoo & Tara. The boys got a BIG kick out of Jordan, and her lack telling time skills.
So, are you watching BB? If so, let's talk game play. "Expect the un-expected" haha!