Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When Fan becomes Fanatic!

I've told lots of people about my Elvis obsessed co-worker...but you just can't grasp the obsession without seeing it. So last week while she was on vacation I snuck in there so I could show you the proof! Please remember this is her OFFICE! I can't even imagine what her house looks like.
Ceramic plaque that hangs on the wall outside her office

Please notice the light switch cover below the license plate and above super long poster.

And the famous sign on the way out the door!

This is just SOME of the memorabilia! Also among the collection is personalized license plate, steering wheel cover, t-shirts from all the many albums movies & anniversaries, earrings, bags, purse, coaster, mouse pad, magnets, iphone app and I could go on and on. And in case you're wondering she DOES make the pilgrimage to Memphis every August for anniversary of The King's death, so she can stand in line for hours to look at the same grave & eternal flame that she's looked at every other year for the last 30!

Anyone else have any good fanatic stories to share?