Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eating my way through Vacation!

Wonderful food is my hobby. I love it! Ryan fed me like royalty while on vacation to Florida...so I thought I'd share my trip via the FOOD.

Ruby Red shrimp were waiting for me as a midnight snack the night I arrived. Seriously these are THE BEST shrimp I've ever put in my mouth.

And since we are talking about best things, that brings my to the smoked gouda. I think it's funny when people use words like: butter~ey, woods~ey, nutty, velvet~ey to describe food...but this cheese really was butter~ey & velvet~ey. It melted in your mouth!

The beautiful sushi! Sushi chef's really are artists!

Clams & mussels...yes that is clarified butter!

Surf & Turf: filet & grilled shrimp
Chocolate chip cookies with Bluebell homemade vanilla ice cream

We had several meals with characters while at Disney. This was breakfast with Lilo & Stitch. Eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, Mickey waffles & biscuits.
And no trip to Disney World is complete without an ice cream Popsicle in the shape of MICKEY.

And those are just the meals I took pictures of, there was lots more! I indulged & enjoyed every bite; and didn't feel guilty one little bit! Which is why I'm officially back on Weight Watchers! Be sure and check out the FOUR FAT CHICKS site for lots of motivational stuff & follow our journey to get back in control of food, health & perhaps a smaller size jeans before the holidays!