Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Bed!

I'm the typical "baby" of the family. And being the younger sister I've have my fair share of hand-me-downs over my lifetime. Clothes, dishes, pot & pans and furniture. My dorm room & lots of various apartments have all been a hodge-podge of miss-matched furniture. Thankfully, I've come to love that style. I certainly can appreciate the look & design functionality of the formal 9 piece SET from the furniture store, it's just not the look I'm going for.

Before now I think I've actually purchased 2 pieces of furniture in my whole adult life....a couch & an hutch (which I just purchased since I bought my house). So I am very excited to say that I bought myself a new bed, for my "mistress bedroom"! It gets delivered Saturday & I'm so excited about it.

I'll be moving the hand-me-down bed that originally belonged to my Gammy, then went to Nana & Papa's house, then Angie & Adam had it a while and then it became mine, to the empty guest room, which gives me a whole new room to decorate, YIPPEE! I'm going to do that guest room in black and white.

Here is a picture of my new bed. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished products of both bedrooms!