Monday, November 23, 2009

I don't have time for that!

My newest most annoying phrase is “I don’t have time” for _____ fill in the blank. People (certain mothers especially) wear it like a badge of honor. Like they are a better mom, because they just don’t have time to; cook, watch tv, blog, read blogs, nap, workout etc.

I couldn’t hold my tongue the other day. I was at dinner with some girls and we were sitting there having a drink waiting for our table. One of the girls asked another if she read my blog. (Now please know that I certainly don’t care if people don’t read…it’s an online journal for ME and if reading blogs aren’t your thing, I surely don’t care in the least…that being said, back to the story.) The other friend replied NO, I don’t have time to read blogs! And I couldn’t help myself, I blurted out Oh no, you can’t use that as an excuse we ALL have the same 24 hours! Everyone laughed, but I was serious! It really got my thinking about that statement and I’m going to try really hard to remove it completely from my vocab. The replacement phrase is….I didn’t make time to_____ fill in the blank. Some people CHOSE to spend their awake hours blogging, or watching tv, or working out, etc. But it’s just that, a choice!