Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snowflake Tree

This year I decided to get a 2nd Christmas tree. I wanted to decorate this one with a "theme" in the dining room, so you could see it from the street all glowing & pretty. And have my regular tree in the living room.

Way back in the summer I decided on white & silver SNOWFLAKE theme

I was pleasantly surprised by the huge assortment of snowflakes this year, at a lot of different stores. Ryan was kind enough to come to Rockwall to "help" (although she did it ALL) me decorate.

We drove around the backwoods and found sticks that she spray-painted (please excuse the weeds, I'm a hideous lawn keeper)

Then she hot glued Christmas ornament balls to the branches
Starting to come together!
Thanks to Tara & Kevin for the awesome snowflakes
Ryan also turned my boring ole light fixture
into a beautiful snowflake chandelier
Here is the finished product. Pictures just don't do it justice.
It really is gorgeous, and that isn't bragging, cause I didn't do it!

Thank you Ryan! Now, you're coming back for new years and "helping" take it down, RIGHT?