Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Christmas Decorations

Here are some of my other Christmas decorations throughout the house
mantle, it's a hodge podge of stuff. Mostly hand-me-downs from Nana; with a few new things thrown in
Santa & his bag of goodies
Ryan and my cute little snow-girl
sofa table in the entry, old santa mixed with new ones and a real old nativity scene, which is new to me; I found it on ebay
Dining table with Christmas dishes that Dee got me, Southern Living stand in the middle with ornaments from Derek & Lindsi's wedding decor and snowflakes in the dishes to match the snowflake tree
A little ole reindeer, ringing his bell

And this guy is new. I bought him for myself...it's a pumpkin man face, snowman AND vintage looking santa. All my favorite holiday decor in one. I just HAD to have him.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my holiday decor!