Thursday, December 10, 2009

Painting Ornaments

Sunday after Thanksgiving Angie & I went to Mammie's house to help her get all her Christmas decorations out & her new tree up. (My mom insists on getting those horrible pre-lit trees that never work year 2, which basically makes them disposable...but back to the story). Angie let the babies PAINT little plastic ornaments while we worked.
Aren't they precious? I know it looks like Layton is about to hit you with a baseball bat...but don't worry it's just a pretend "light-saver"!

Some worked a little harder at staying in the lines, HA!

The Finished product,
I guess there is no need to tell you which ones Logan did & which ones belong to the "littles"

Landry got a little bored with the ornaments & just decided to paint on the paper

Masterpiece I tell ya!