Friday, February 05, 2010

What's this design style?

I absolutely love this look. Plaids, dark jewel tone colors, rich leather & wood, with lots of textures & greenery, hunting scenes, old oil paintings...

I want to incorporate this look into my house...but of course can't rush out and buy a bunch of stuff. So, my master bedroom is the best place to start. I have a new bed that I love, but the room is basically a big khaki square. I was going to google search and try to find some catalogs that I could use as "inspiration" and steal ideas. But figured out really quick I had NO idea what to google and was coming up with some very comical things, like mallard ducks!
I have asked several of my friends that I consider to be connoisseurs of design and we all seem to be stumped as to what this type of design is called.

So I’m asking you, what would you call it?