Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Power to the Beaver!

{I'm going to try to be a grown-up and avoid all the "that's what she said" beaver comments}

Angie and I headed out last weekend with the kids to go visit Nana & Papa. On the way we stopped at Buc-Ee's in Madisonville. WOW, this place is pretty amazing. It's a gas station & convenience store, in a building about the size of a grocery store! They have any and everything, you could want.

And they pride themselves on having the cleanest bathrooms in America. We are talking bathroom hall of fame! Seriously, clean stuff!And the place was packed. It looked like Six Flags on the first day of summer. Humongous parking lot and every last space filled. They prob net a million dollars a minute in that place.

Camo colored kettle corn. I wish I had taken more pictures of the food. Thousands of varieties of jerky. Cheeses, pastry, cookies, sandwiches, candied nuts, flavored coffee, ice cream. TONS of varieties of pickled veggies, candied jalapenos, even beaver nuggets! And then of course all the typical candy and chips that a normal convenience store would have. The wall of fountain drinks, was about the length of a football field.
Gosh, that sun was BRIGHT! I know Angie is dying that I'm posting this picture of them dressed in their "stay at home clothes" but we WERE on a road-trip! You'll notice no pictures of me, haha.

WOW, I could do some DAMAGE with one of these babies, a deep fryer made for outside! When I grow up I'll have one of these.

The moral of this story is, if you're ever on highway 45, headed south...it's def worth a trip to Madisonville to check this place out. Heck, it's almost worth planning a trip JUST to see it.