Thursday, November 18, 2010


This blog post is specifically for Marnie, who doesn’t get The Food Network in Germany, seriously girl, I don’t know how you do without it!

What happens when you combine a pinch of city, a dash of country and a scrumptious Thanksgiving Feast? You get Pioneer Woman. Meet Ree Drummond, former city slicker turned cowgirl. Do not be fooled by her sweet face — Ree makes a mean, hard to beat Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings. We're sure city slicker Chef Bobby Flay has his work cut out for him in this exciting Thanksgiving Throwdown !
Last night was my version of the super-bowl. My two best teams went head to head. Bobby Flay has always been my pretend husband when it comes to cooking. (I know he has a darling wife Stephanie, who is from TEXAS no less) but a girl can still pretend! And then there's Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman, who I've loved for years. I feel like I've read her blog since day one. Back before the blog conventions & the Tasty Kitchen site, twitter, the new fancy look of her site, before the articles in Southern Living, before the book & tv interviews. Yeah, I feel like I've been around a long time. I can honestly say that I've NEVER made one of her recipes that wasn't fantastic. I think my favorite at the baked beans. Try them. Really, do it. Have them at Thanksgiving, your family will thank you. I digress....So last night my two food loves went head to head in a cooking throwdown. I was giddy.
I got kinda teary eye'd watching it, cause I think it's a dream come true. Here comes Bobby from NYC to a huge sprawling ranch in Oklahoma, splashed through the mud & the muck and the puddles and the beautiful land in the background and the cattle and horses and the men in chaps with their jeans tucked IN their boots. It was just great. I doubt she meant to get this big, but gosh she's a self-made star. I think it would be SO freaking cool to have her life. Huge cool ranch, home grown veggies, fresh eggs & meat. I'd SO love to have a rugged cowboy, lots of kids and just cook all day. GREEN with envy over her life.
I don't really have a "bucket-list" but cooking at Ree's ranch is DEF at the top of my list of things I hope for.

Pioneer Woman Tweeted during the whole show. Here they are in order. For the NON twitter users when the @ sign is in front of a name, she is talking to someone specifically and # at the end means that is what the twitter was in regards to, so they all say #throwdown, ya get it?

Missy and Hyacinth! My homegirls! #Throwdown @acranch, where are you? :)

That's my kitchen, btw. Where I do all my blog posts! And eat too much. #Throwdown

Hey, they didn't show me adding the flour to the fat! MEDIC!!!!!! #Throwdown

In the turkey-rub butter: orange peel, rosemary, salt, yumminess. That's all. #Throwdown

Behind the scenes dirt: Bobby sneaked in the cranberry sauce. Little booger. #Throwdown

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miriam. Love. #Throwdown

They're editing out all the times where I said "I'M GONNA LOSE! I'M GONNA LOSE!" Seriously. #Throwdown

Bobby can't HANDLE the creek. #Throwdown

Okay, I polled the crowd about all the dishes--not just mashed potatoes. (I didn't know Bobby wasn't making them.) #Throwdown #EditingFloor

Warning: I'm getting ready to have a major dish meltdown. #Throwdown

I can not express the epic meltdown that was my gravy. It took me 25 minutes to salvage! #Throwdown

And I wish I could express how soaked in perspiration I was. #FlopSweat #Throwdown

I'm being judged. Literally. #Throwdown

I'm a sweathog and a half. #Throwdown

Thank you @bflay for being a stud.

And thanks to @bflay for all your leftovers! I froze them and am serving them next week. Just kidding. Maybe...

In other news, did I actually tell @bflay I used to watch his shows while I nursed my babies?

I had a bad dream last night. I dreamed I told Bobby Flay I used to watch his show when I breastfed my babies. So glad to wake up this am! (she really did tell him that, you could tell she was mortified!)

As if she needed ONE more good trait....the girl is FUNNY! Seriously, hilarious.