Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Christmas this year was really nice. Felt like we had LOTS going on, but yet laid back at the same time. My family really did SO good with the gifts as well. Here is all the loot!

Bath-mat for guest bathroom on left, LOVE that crochet necklace that was specific thing on my list! YUMMY soft chocolate brown throw.

"lounge-wear" as I like to call it, from the Gerharts, they wrapped it in their FAVORITE character paper....POOH! As a family they LOVE it, but especially Angie & Logan.

Square white tray, awesome scarves, necklaces & bracelet. Can you see that pendant with leopard background? It says SIS. LOVE that, it almost made me get "the tears", it's from the babies of course.
As yall know, I cook a lot and all my utensils had gotten worn out and or broken, so Mom and Nana got me a whole net set of fun gadgets: tongs, mallet, thermometer, baster, Houdini
Can't wait to get this full of wonderful memories, and hung in my bedroom!
Glass pitcher (I broke my other one pouring boiling hot tea into it #fail!) and more kitchen stuff, spider and spatulas.
Another collage from Nana, this will go in guest room or hall, yeah!!!
Thanks again, I LOVE all my stuff. My heart is full!