Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Most of you have probably heard of her blog before. Life in Grace. A lot of you, I've prob sent you posts from time to time. Her name is Edie. She used to be a physician and she quit to be a stay at home mom and homeschool her youngest two girls. They have lots of kids, all ages. Her decor is fabulous, she has fun recipes, she has a spunky fashion sense, she is a crafter and a Godly woman, I just love reading her blog. She had the COOLEST house, that she worked so hard to get re-done. Then earlier this year they decided to buy an old house on a lake and totally renovate it. They worked all summer, and was finally done.

It burned to the ground 4 days before Christmas.

She hasn't told details, but from the little bits, it sounds like they barely made it out alive. Several other bloggers have said they've lost everything. Being in the insurance industry, my mind automatically goes there first. Of course the insurance company will re-build their house, (eventually), and give them money to buy all new things, and will pay for them to stay somewhere in the interim. But seriously, what if tomorrow you were left with NOTHING, but the clothes on your back? I don't even know how I would start to wrap my brain around that.

One of her blog friends, that I also read (the nester, linked on my blog) made a tribute video of old pictures from Edie's blog with music from Nicole Nordeman. SO precious. Here is the video:

{song:: Gratitude by Nichole Nordemon, photos:: Life in Grace}

This makes me so grateful for my blog and I know after watching this video, you will be grateful for yours as well. Because if we lost all our worldly possessions....at least we'll have the memories and pictures and the blog to remind us.