Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that I just adore. I crave it really. Jennifer introduced me to it, 10+ years ago, when we worked together the first time. Then I moved to Austin, and they had TONS of yummy pho places, so I continued to feed my habit. By the way it's pronounced Fah, not FOE. We have a place in Rockwall that we like called Pho Garden.

Pho comes out bubbling hot, it's a broth with slicked onions, chopped green onions, rice noodles, and very thinly sliced round eye beef (can also get brisket, shrimp, chicken, tripe or combination) I always get beef. The beef comes out un-cooked and the second they sit the bowl down, you flip the very thin meat to the bottom of the bowl and the hot broth cooks the beef.

Then comes the fun of "decorating" your bowl with all kinds of yummy seasonings & condiments. I've never seen two people eat Pho the same way. This is the way I do it: soy sauce, a heavy amount of sirachi sauce (angry cock), huge handful of bean sprouts, torn Thai basil leaves, lots of torn cilantro and lots of lime juice. {limes are so dang expensive, my little pho place is using lemons, NOT the same, insert sad face}

It's spicy, and flavorful & warms my soul
Isn't it beautiful? Do you eat Pho? If so, share how you like it!