Tuesday, May 01, 2012


So, the deal with the online profiles, well.......it goes from bad to worse depending on the day.  Not always, but more so than not the profiles are either SUPER cheesy or just one big pat on the back, brag-fest!

I know it's super hard to write about yourself.  SUPER HARD.  That's why, I had Lesli write mine.  What, what?  Yeah, you read me right.  I mean, seriously it's genius!

Everyone feels strange telling people all their PERFECT traits...cause let's be honest, IF we were as perfect as our profiles....would we really still be single?  Can I get an amen?

Insert best friend; she takes the good, she takes the bad....she takes them both and there you have....a perfectly written profile!  And it doesn't hurt that she is witty, really smart & a great writer.  Thanks Les.

So, I came across this profile last night and was in AWE.  He had me at she..........

WHOA, we should all strive to be this SHE!

She's probably cute but it's more the intangibles that I love. She's real & down to earth & is the poster child for genuine. The way she carries herself is captivating & not because she's trying to be. Her personality is so pleasant & delightful. She loves herself & exudes confidence in who she is. People see in her someone they truly respect & admire. She's spontaneous. She can be ready in 10 min if she needs to & is down for almost anything almost anytime. She really knows how to have fun! She's not above slapping on a baseball cap & can wear it with flair. Man, is she charming or what? She's smart. She takes good care of herself without being vain. She's not judgmental & sees the beauty (or potential beauty) in everything & everyone. She has a great outlook on life. The way she interacts with others is like a movie I could watch for hours. She has tact. There is something about her that is very simple yet I just can't know enough about her. I know how to make her laugh & every time she laughs, I just want to hold her. Her laughter & smile are actually the most beautiful things on earth. Her smile is my kryptonite. Her blushes are enthralling. She deserves to be happy & smiling at all times and it is my job to keep her that way…I love my job! I can't stand to see her in any pain, physically or emotionally. I know I can trust her. I know how she is feeling. I can have a conversation with her without any words. She hasn't given up on life & living. She carries strength without being overbearing. She is independent and dependent. She knows that she needs a man to be complete but life is very much worth living without one. She is compassionate. She is open minded. She is good at listening and hearing. The baggage she has from her bad relationships is full of sagacity and not disdain. She understands the dynamics at play in relationships and simply notes and deals with the flaws of human nature & individuals. She doesn't mind exhibiting some of the roles known more to be traditional because it is just a part of who she is. She won't even try to deny it & it doesn't even matter that seemingly everyone else is. She is skillfully domestic but not a housewife – unless she wants to be. She wants a family & family comes first. She loves to celebrate the holidays & even the smallest accomplishments. She's big on tradition. She knows how to live within her means. She's not afraid to break a sweat. In fact, she has a passion for the outdoors, activity & athletics. Well, she at least has an appreciation for them. She is even quite the competitor. She has her own passions in life & doesn't have to live vicariously through me. She soaks up what life has to offer & it has lead to tremendous wisdom. I value her judgment maybe even more than mine. We enjoy doing so many things together but we don't have to do everything together. In fact, it really doesn't matter what we do together because we can both go with the flow and make the most of any moment. I'm able to show her that I'm in it for the long haul & in her I see virtually no manifestations of insecurity. I look forward to going to battle for and with her. I know she's the one for me & I know she knows it. She knows I'm the the one for her & she knows I know it. Much of the man I am is because of her & the way she makes me feel. It's no secret that she is my best friend. We're both very much the optimist with just the right touch of realism. She's comfortable with & accepting of my imperfect ways & vice versa (I actually kinda like her imperfections). We are both a bit goofy at times; probably more than people realize. I look at her & say, “if my daughters are only half as good as their mom, they'll be great”. But, who knows? She may be none of this & even better than I could ever i imagine. That's the curve ball that life throws at times. I just love it!