Tuesday, March 22, 2005


It was a great mail day yesterday, 3 pieces of REAL mail. . .hand written cards. This one was from my sweet Lulu, and I wanted to share it with you. Hope it makes you smile :)

After a while, we learn the difference
between being liked and being alive

We learn that being a loving person
doesn't mean spreading ourselves so thin
we almost become invisible, and that we
don't have to be a dumpster or a doormat
to show how much we care.

We learn that to be trustworthy,
we must first be true to ourselves,
and that there isn't any one right way
or unforgivable mistake-the we can be
afraid or sad and still stand our ground.

We learn that our hearts can break and
be strong again, there there's always
tomorrow, and we're never alone.

And we learn from each other that
we're not going crazy, and we're a
lot healthier than we thought we were.

Every day I'm so thankful for your friendship and all that you share and inspire in me