Friday, May 13, 2005

Here is a great Friday the 13th story. So I pull into the bank and sit there and sit there for 12 minutes. No one has moved forward so far. There are 5 lanes and they are all at least 5 cars deep in each. No one is moving. Why is no one moving? One bay over there is a lady that gets the tube sent back to her and when she goes to take it out of the tunnel she drops it! So she cracks her car door open and slides out, oh and she is pregnant too! She looks around for the tube and it has rolled under her car. She can’t possible reach it, so she is going to have to drive forward. She goes to get back in her car and cannot squeeze back in. The crack is not big enough and with her pregnant tummy she just can’t do it. So she walks to the passenger side of her suburban, crawls over the console get in slide into the driver seat. Before she got in she motioned to the car behind her to NOT MOVE UP, so he doesn’t run over the tube that is resting under her car. She pulls up a little gets out, ooppps not far enough. Gets back in and pulls up more. Now she gets back out of the car and finally retrieves the $$ out of her tub, places it back in the tunnel, walks back to her car and drives away. So I finally get to the window and ask if this is some sort of Friday the 13th joke and the teller, LeJeffory, says “uh no mam we are just short handed”. You bet there were, there were 2 tellers and 5 lanes open on payday, go figure! I finally get finished 18 minutes later and am ready to pull my hair out. Oh and to make things better I stepped in gum when I got out of my car.

Happy Friday the 13th!