Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"You had me from hello"

Tennessee and Hollywood collide. I am SO excited to hear the Kenny Chesney Renee Zellweger news. I think he is absolutely adorable; he totally works that slick “pop” country feel. And just about anyone can attest to the fact that Jerry Maguire is one of my best movies. I know Renee was just a baby then and has won all kinds of awards…. Since then, Ok, even Oscars. But she was greatness in that movie. I think “break-out” rolls are always my favorite. Another good example of that is Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding. Anyway, I cannot imagine getting to come home to your beach house on St. John, and get to go to sleep next to Kenny Chesney. So I wish the newlyweds LOTS of happiness. Lucky bitch!
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