Monday, November 14, 2005

Keeping Austin Weird

Just when you think you’ve gotten used to all the crazies in this town something like this happens. Friday while walking east on 6th street at the corner of crazy & crazy, otherwise known as 6th and Congress I saw a man dressed in all black clothes (No, it wasn’t a Johnny Cash impersonator). Not strange so far, right? Well on top of his all black clothes were a pair of tight~ey white~ey underwear. To make things stranger he was walking very deliberately swinging a briefcase back and forth, like he was the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. One the way back from lunch today I saw the same guy again…only this time all he had on was a pair of shorts (not even shoes) and was doing that same deliberate walk with NO shoes on. The best or worst whichever way you see if was that he had a plastic spoon sticking straight out of his belly-button. No lie.

This stuff is too crazy to make up!