Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Merry Christmas to me

I found out some bad news about my nighttime device, and it’s not the kind you are thinking about either! It is a mouth guard so that I can’t grind and clench my teeth in my sleep. Well my hottie hot hot dentist informed me that it will cost $400 NONE of which insurance covers. Great! I asked the hygienist if they had a KIA version of the $400 Cadillac mouth guard and she didn’t think I was very funny, and very patronizing said, “no honey there isn’t”. So if I want to be headache free in the mornings I need to shell out 400 bones. Where is Santa when you really need him?

On a happier note, would you look at this picture? I dare you to look at it and not swoon! Oh gosh I could just eat him with a spoon :)

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Happy hump day.