Monday, February 05, 2007

My Superbowl Play by Play

I must admit I am NOT a fan of watching football on TV, even if it is a team that I really like. But, I am a huge fan of the Superbowl. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. I don’t even care who is playing. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I don’t love it for the football so much, but just the whole experience! Yesterday was no exception.

Here is a rundown of the food. A huge pot of Chili which includes: 5 lbs of meat…sirloin, ground beef and ground venison sausage, tons of spices and the secret ingredient is beer! LM usually uses Lonestar, but we had to settle for Miller Light this time. I eat mine on a bed of Fritos and lots of cheese on top. YUM. I also made guacamole and jalapeno ranch dip (you know, like the one they have at Chuy’s!). Excellent Superbowl food.

What did you think of Billy Joel? I love him and think he is a legend, but how flat was the “SEE” at the very beginning? Yikes. What a trooper though, playing the piano and singing in the pouring rain. Way to go Piano Man!
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Lets talk commercials. Which ones did you like? All my favorites were the Budweiser ones. Go figure, haha! But seriously, Anheuser-Busch either has awesome advertising people on staff, or they hire one kick-ass firm, cause they are funny. The Rock, Paper, Scissors one was great…and how bout that wedding one with the auctioneer? Hilarious. Honorable mention goes to the Snickers one where the two guys kiss and then rip out their chest hair, The Doritos “regular guy” with Spicy, Cheesy, Crunchy. And the connectial Dysfunction. Funny. The K Fed commercial was funny, but I had already seen it, b/c of all the stir it caused. I also think it was VERY PC of Coke and Doritos to mention Black History Month, especially since this was the first time there had ever been an African American head football coach at the Superbowl. The HEB commercial with Emmitt Smith…well, it was terribly cheesy, but I am SO excited that HEB is coming to DFW area. I have a total grocery store crush on HEB and I want my North Texas friends and family to love it as much as I do. Wink!

So here is a question, why do the players pants have to be so see through? Is this a trend, like girls showing their thongs? Why must I see their jock straps going across the middle of their bottoms? Because ALL the teams seem to wear white pants…NO ONE wants to see all that!

I heart Prince. LOVED the halftime show. Lurve his turquoise suit and that he is SUCH a diva he had to wear a scarf on his hair because of the rain. The 2nd song he sang reminds me SO much of Angie’s 8th grade drillteam camp…”Hey look me over, tell if you like what you see” then we were Rollin! Purple Rain is my BEST Prince song.
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Loved the fireworks! And I love that Prince still embraces that symbol. I guess he has to since it was his name for a short while.

So, that is my superbowl, play by play. Tell me about your parties now!