Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pooh Times Two

So if you know me very well, you know my disdain for all things Winnie The Pooh. It's just a running joke in my family and has been for years & years. Remember back in January when Gerhart Gang did THIS? Well guess what....they struck again, on my BIRTHDAY no less.

Pooh Invasion Part II

How appropriate is this BIG inflatable waiting for me when I walked in the door!

These adorable book-ends were nestled in my entryway

Oh look, a big "hunny" pot piggy (or shall I say piglet) bank, sitting high atop my refrigerator

Stuffed Pooh on my pot-rack, I think this one was Layton's idea

music box on a table in the living room

everyone needs a nightlight

hidden in my tv cabinet

Powder blue pooh hanging in the hall

Hugging pooh waiting for me on my pillow

music box on my night stand

Good-night pooh alarm clock

band-aid across my mouth guard

and lots of tiny figurines

these were neatly put away in the cabinet with my other plates,
took me two days to discover them

not to mention the coffee mug that was in the dishwasher

man they are SNEAKY!

It was a fun way to end a birthday!

(locksmith is coming on Saturday)